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Seizing the moment Seizing the moment
The opportunities for UK fisheries after Brexit
by John Ashworth. £4.00
Pamphlet, 37pp
Brexit a golden opportunity. Why the UK must not allow the CFP to be replicated into British law as proposed with the Great "Repeal" Bil, for political convenience or short term vested interests. UK withdrawal can automatically restore control over the UK(EEZ) out to 200nm/midline and all resources therin.
Reviewer Derek Stirling

[eurofacts (Vol 22 No 9) –19th May 2017]

Following the betrayal of the UK fishing industry by Edward Heath when the UK joined the then EEC, Brexit offers the opportunity to recover UK waters out to 200 nautical miles/midline and all resources therein under international law UNCLOS III.

According to Paragraph 3 of Article 50, once our two-year period is over, we will be out of the EU and EU Treaties will cease to apply whether or not an agreement has been reached. With the Regulations being dependent on the Treaties for their authority, it means that they will cease to apply (unlike Directives, which have become part of out domestic legislation, although we will have the freedom to amend or repeal them).

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) after Brexit will no longer apply. In this pamphlet John Ashworth, a man who has spent a lifetime in the fishing industry and is better informed on the way to preserve the fish and the fishing industry of the UK than any other person explains how.

He states that the UK must not adopt the EU approach but to manage the fisheries in a more sustainable way, both for the fish stocks and the fishing industry as a whole.

In great detail he explains the way the CFP has performed badly for the preservation of fish stocks, the UK fishing industry and the UK economy.

Statistics show that in the decade from 1995 to 2005 British fishing vessels fell from 8,073 to 6,716 at the same time the number of fisherman fell from 19,044 to 12,647.

For all those who to see the return of the once successful fishing industry throughout the UK this pamphlet is a must read. The readership should include our elected politicians.

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