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British History British History
Easy access to history in chronological order
by Hugh Williams. £15.00
Paperback, 267pp
An illustrated guide to British history from before the Romans to the present House of Windsor.
Reviewer Derek Stirling

[eurofacts (Vol 22 No 6) – 10th February 2017]

This book takes you on a fascinating journey through the history of the United Kingdom, with many photographs of the important places that have shaped the UK that we now live in.

Starting with a brief description of the UK before the Romans (4,000BC to 55BC) arrived and the many changes that took place in those earlier times. This book quickly leads one through the years of the Romans and the Norman Invasions (55BC to 1066).

Followed by the Norman History (1066 to 1154), Plantagienet History (1154 to 1399), The Houses of Lancaster and York (1399 to 1485), Tudor History (1485 to 1603), Stuart History (1603 to 1714), Hanovarian History (1714 to 1902) before leading onto the House of Windsor (1901 to the present day).

If that is not enough for you, don’t worry the appendices give a wonderful and well- researched list with dates of the important people and events which shaped the UK we live in today.

For all those who cannot remember the names of Kings and Queens (with a useful rhyme to remember them by), Prime Ministers, orders of succession with appropriate dates, then this book is a must have.

Included on the back page is a list of endorsements from various people in all walks of life and below is a couple of them.

Count Nikolai Tolstoy – Historian and author; “This book provides an admirable guide to British history, ideal for checking facts or browsing and enlivened by well-chosen plates. Attractive and informative, and deserves to be widely read.”

Barry Davies - Broadcaster; “A ready reference, much needed, for any history student, should inspire further study. I wish such a reference of dates and their importance had been around when I was at school. A tale of Britain’s historical dates, entertainingly told in sequence and superbly referenced.

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