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A Life Most Ordinary A Life Most Ordinary
One man's life experiences and the effects of change especially with the UK's EU membership
by Ken Wight. £7.99
Paperback, 177pp
How life in the UK has changed over the last 60 years especially in Slough. Furthermore it sheds light on the way that the political elite has forced the citizens of the UK into an uncomfortable position with the EU.
Reviewer Derek Stirling

[eurofacts (Vol21 No 6) – 12th February 2016]

This book by a UKIP activist, explores his life and the changes that have taken place especially in his native town of Slough. He covers a period of over sixty years, incorporating his slow awakening to the way that membership of the European Union has transformed his and the British way of life.

Ken Wight then goes on to show why and how Mrs Thatcher’s Bruges speech of September 1988, inspired him to think of the bigger picture about what and how EU membership was adversely affecting the lives of the citizens of the UK.

In 2004 during the run-up to the European elections after reading literature from UKIP and attending a public meeting, he finally became motivated and decided to join UKIP.

After becoming actively involved delivering material and canvassing for UKIP, he stood for the party in his first Parliamentary election in 2005.

Following this he was asked to join the Maidenhead branch and was immediately selected to be their Parliamentary Candidate. In 2012 after realizing that Slough did not have a functioning branch he set one up recording a number of success.

His experiences will be familiar to many especially those who feel they do not like the future direction of the UK and feel that something must be done to preserve the British way-of-life.

He shows how the efforts of one man or woman when directed positively can actually achieve change, albeit gradual, and give hope to all those who do not want to be absorbed into an undemocratic organization like the EU whose aims and objectives do-not sit comfortably with the UK voters.

The EU appears to be trying to become a superpower like the former USSR.

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