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Germany's Fourth Reich Germany's Fourth Reich
Origins and Development Seeking World Domination Commanding EU Diminishing Britain
by Harry Beckhough. £8.00
Paperback, 89pp
Just Available A reprint due to popular demand of his 2008 publication. Lt. Col. Beckhough served with the 8th Army, breaking Rommel's signals and messages for Montgomery. A former codebreaker and spy he met German Chancellor Dr Konrad Adenauer, his family and his Ministers. The book reveals the inherited desire forr domination which has been Germany's major characteristic through major wars and battles over the centuries. Leading to the idea behind the EU which allows Germany to control most of Europe.
[eurofacts (Vol 19 No 11/12) – 25th July 2014]

A former code-breaker and a man who actually talked with Dr Konrad Adenaur, (known as the old fox) and the Chancellor of the first post-war German Government, Harry Beckhough wrote a book about his extensive knowledge of Germany, and has explored the development of its aggressive nature from its earliest years.

This book, due to requests from many people has now been re-printed and what follows is an extract from it.

“In 1941 Walter Funk, Hitler’s economics Minister, launched Europäische Wirtschafts-gemeinschaft (European Economic Community) - to establish a single European currency, the Reichsmark. Plus the integration of all European economies into a “Single Market”. The creation of a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was based on the mode of European agriculture, protected by subsidies and high tariffs, keeping prices artificially high for the benefit, principally, of French and German small farmers. This Franco-German benefit was later enshrined, post-war, under Article 39 of the Treaty of Rome. Similar to the later Maastricht Treaty of EU, with a PanEuropean Bank (Bank Europa) created and run by Germany, in Frankfurt.

This, then, was the embryo Nazi plan for the future of greater Europe, all combined under the sole command of the master, ‘Aryan’ superior German Superstate, cum dictatorship. Yet, after the most decisive defeat in all their history, still in existence in primary positions, a considerable number of the perpetrators of these evil plans – after ruthlessly murdering millions who appeared to be obstacles to their greater glory. The very name of Concentration Camps brings the vision of the devil who possesses their souls. So that same inbuilt German habit of lying deceit continued during, and after WWII, in even more cunning, false operations, at which they are past-masters, as if schooled by Lenin, world master of lies and corruption.

Thus, Arthur Spiegelman reported: ‘Realising they were losing the War in 1944, Nazi leaders met major German industrialists to plan a secret, post-war network to restore them to power’.”

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