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Time for the UK to Face the Facts Time for the UK to Face the Facts
What the politicians do not want to admit and why they do not tell
by Christopher Hoskin. £7.99
Paperback, 109pp
Reflections on politics today, Green Issues, the fate of British Industry, immigration and the reasons why the UK should leave the EU in order to prosper
Reviewer Derek Stirling

[eurofacts ( Vol 18 No 11/12) - 26th July 2013]

This book has come at a very opportune moment as the fate of the UK economy and reasons for its decline have been the subject of numerous discussions, political comments and media analysis.

Although this book is not based in economic terms it expresses a number of interesting points into the misguided directions of the political elites in the UK. It discusses the fate of British Industry, Immigration, Green issues, Britain’s involvement in the EU and the state of politics today.

The sub-heading “What the politicians do not want to admit and why they do not tell” gives a further insight into the mind of the author.

Drawing on a number of related issues it explains why in the author’s opinion, the leadership of the country has moved in a direction that is no longer concerned as to the wants and needs of the electorate, but more concerned with image. It goes further by questioning the kind of politicians that are now ruling the country and the motivations that drive them. Throughout this book one theme that stands out is the demise of the understanding of the cultural inheritance of the UK and its affect on the future for its people.

The conclusions drawn are that the bulk of politicians should be drawn from the people at large who have had jobs and experienced the world as it is, and not from so-called career politicians who have not experienced life outside politics. The author also believes that the UK should withdraw from the EU in order to be able to create a better environment for its people and give them a greater feeling of control over their futures.

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