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A Democratic Europe: A Democratic Europe:
An Alternative to the European Union
by Richard Body. £10.00
2006 Hardback, 141pp
Sir Richard lays out the case for a truly democratic European Union as opposed to an undemocratic super power.
Reviewer Charlotte Horsfield

[eurofacts (Vol 12 No 2) – 3rd November 2006]

In his latest book Sir Richard provides a distillation of his ideas, developed during an active political life, some 40 years of which have been spent as a Conservative Member of Parliament.

In 1955 he was one of a small number of MPs who favoured joining what was then the Common Market and because of his views he was invited to the Communities' institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. After an evening of entertainment, a Commissioner confided in him that separately the countries were powerless but together they would have far greater power than ever. It was this revelation, that the European Communities were not about peace but about power, that led him to give up his practice as a barrister to devote more of his time to opposing Britain¹s membership. Even when the Heath government¹s negotiations were successful, Sir Richard maintained his opposition, being one of a selected body of MPs who supported an otherwise unrepresentative band of eurosceptics who watched, with growing anxiety, the Common Market develop into a political union.

This book is constructive in that it offers a solution to the undemocratic nature of the present government of the European nations. He points to the merits of free trade over a customs union and suggests that the Council of Europe could be a better forum for forging agreements, depending as it does upon cooperation rather than coercion.

This is a very positive and timely book.

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