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In Their Own Words In Their Own Words
The Advocates of European Integration
by Christopher Gill MP. £4.99
Paperback, 116pp
Europhiles destroy their own case.
Reviewer Ian Milne

[[eurofacts (Vol 1 No 15) – 24th May 1996]

Christopher Gill, the Conservative and formerly whipless MP, has just published this compendium of statements by advocates of "integration". It has been meticulously researched. The main sources are various EU bodies and the manifesto and other publications of the British political parties.

One of the best quotations is the first in the book:- “ If I were an MP I'd be a Euro-sceptic too. How can you let a country with a great history, sovereign for 20 generations, disappear as a province of a bureaucratic Euro-state run by Helmut Kohl?” That was Pat Buchanan, the US Republican Presidential contender, in February 1996.

A particularly useful chapter is devoted to Conservative MEPs and the cross-national party, the European People's Party (in practice an offshoot of the German CDU) to which they are allied in the European Parliament. Mr Gill quotes Lord Tebbit's analysis:- “The European People's Party is a federalist party, it believes in a central European state in which Great Britain...would be a province...”.

This 116 page book is a neutral record, in their own words, of how completely the Europhiles intend the process of integration to go. We have been warned!

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