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EMU What's In It For You EMU What's In It For You
by Anti-Maastricht Alliance. £3.00
Pamphlet, 16pp
This booklet challenges the Chancellor Gordon Brown's economic policy.
[eurofacts (Vol 3 No 13) – 24th April 1998]

Here is a clear, short but comprehensive booklet on the single currency and why Britain should never join it. These are the chapter headings:

Political Union

The Purpose of EMU


Sovereignty and Self- Government

The Political Background

The case for a Single Currency

Past Experience

The EU and the Single Currency

Break-up or a European Super-state

Why should Britain join?

The Future for Britain outside the Single Currency

The text is non-technical, non-emotive and non-polemical. Statistics are kept to a minimum. Points are reinforced with quotations from central bankers, Eurocrats, politicians and academics from both sides of the Atlantic.

Every phrase, sentence and statement is factually accurate. None is an exaggeration. This work "tells it as it is" - and indeed one would have expected no less from its three experienced and distinguished authors.

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